View Full Version : refugee/asylum scepticism

24-Sep-15, 11:14
Me personally am a bit more than sceptic regarding North African refugee/asylum seekers as no one has given credible answers as to why it is happening, some of the questions that need credible answers are being asked behind the headlines listed below.

Why would Syrian and other Muslim refugees make the dangerous and extremely long journey to European nations/countries (who hold damnable doctrine and lifestyles according to the Quran/Koran) rather than the Arab Islamic nations around them.

Why has it taken 5 years of civil war in parts of that country for the Syrian population now wanting to leave.

Why are the refugees throwing away perfectly good food/water given by western governments on their arrival.

Why are so many of the asylum/refugees young men.

Could it be this is not really a crisis but some sort of "Trojan Horse". Many in Europe are concerned this could be some sort of takeover to enable a caliphate of Islamic teachings, I for one.

24-Sep-15, 14:24
I think what is quite telling is the amount of recent interviews conducted by various news organisations where the people being interviewed have stated if they can't go to the first country of choice they would return to their country of origin. That to my mind shows that a large percentage of the young men are economic immigrants no more no less trying to take advantage of the current unstable situation in the Middle East. I could be wrong but Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria aren't in the throws of civil wars. Also if the situation in Syria is so bad why would you opt to return if you can't get to a specific country.