View Full Version : Reinstate 24hr services in Wick Genreal ..Petition

23-Sep-15, 15:50
Here's something I'm sure we can all agree on regardless of political opinions.

A petition to Reinstate and continue to maintain 24/7 emergency services at Caithness General Hospital Wick


24-Sep-15, 09:23
I tried to sign that petition then realised I had already signed it ages ago ! I don't know how the NHS works, for example do Doctors, Consultants and Surgeons get told where they are working, as in which part of the Country, or do they choose ? If it is the latter, with the best will in the world, nobody can make them move to somewhere they don't want to work. And that is the problem with Caithness General, the facilities there are lessening by the day, the scope for a new Doctor or Consultant to branch out in other fields of medicine is very limited.

24-Sep-15, 09:45
I thought the health board are willing to have 24 hour services, it's just that they can't find the staff?

It's a terrible situation, and I hope there's a solution, but it's difficult to get people to relocate here for any job - especially those who have no difficulty finding work elsewhere.