View Full Version : 'E' ROCK CONCERT WICK - 27/05/2005

J Wishbone
14-May-05, 11:05
We are pleased to announce in association with The Caithness Cultural Trust
The Waterfront, Wick - Friday 27th May 9pm

Bands performing -

Tickets are available from Wick & Thurso Music Shops and on the door priced at £5 each.

Please come along and support local live rock music. It's set to be a great night.


The Pepsi Challenge
14-May-05, 16:23
Good luck with the show! I hope it's well-attended and well-supported. Best wishes...

And tell the local press to get along and cover it!

J Wishbone
15-May-05, 19:32
Thanks Pepsi Challenge. Hopefully people will turn out and support live music in Caithness.

There were 270 people turned out for the Thurso event!! Come on Wick, you can beat that!!!

17-May-05, 22:24
hope its a good night. If we even get half that 270 then that can still be called a good turn out.

kowalski lads cant wait :-)

The Pepsi Challenge
18-May-05, 00:24
Absolutely. Great to hear the attendances are so large. In my day, if we got 50 people through the door we'd be celebrating. Keep up the good work. Maybe I'll take the band oop north sometime soon.

ps Get on the local press' backs! Bands playing original music and attracting large crowds deserve to be publicised. Where's the reviews already?

18-May-05, 18:26
hmmm .... did i hear that under 18's are allowed in??the more people the better!

19-May-05, 20:40
i totally agree!! a big percentage of the people interested in the e rock concert music are under 18's i hope they are allowed :D

25-May-05, 23:48
Who's all going to e rock concert then? I know i'll be there... :D

26-May-05, 13:47
I'll be there! Not missing CT and BH for anything!

26-May-05, 14:05
Gutted, I'm coming up on the 28th. Would have loved to have seen the Boss Hogg. Boss Hogg fellas, drop me a mail and see if we can meet up to sort stuff out.