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20-Sep-15, 18:05
Hi my cat was last seen in lidls in Thurso 4/5 months ago. I have been running around everyday trying to find him, he was one year old in may passed, he is a white cat with black on top of his head, half his tails, 3/4 patches on his back and his ears are black. His name is Dahl he is such a good cat, loves cuddles my family are heart broken, my 4 year old is in tears nearly everyday trying to get her cat. We just want him home now safe and well, I have been told he has been seen around pennyland area however everytime I look he is nowhere to be sen so either in someone's shed, garage or house please keep an eye out. If u come across him please keep him safe and call 821005 or pm me.There is an award if u find my cat Thanks

20-Sep-15, 21:31
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