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19-Sep-15, 14:25
One year on, how the yays and nays are filling Freedom (George) Square in Glasgow.

Yesterday (http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/scottishpolitics/indyref/6648068/Ukips-flying-the-red-white-few.html)



19-Sep-15, 14:37
Wondering why hope over fear won't allow the Sunday Herald reporters in to photograph and interview people.

Not freedom square btw it's George Square you lost the referendum in case you've not realised its a year too late.

Seems the pro independence people like to just ignore legalities and do as they please.

GLASGOW City Council has rejected an application for a massive pro-independence rally in George Square on September 19.

19-Sep-15, 17:58
Hardly looks like an overwhelming success what happened to the Massive pro independence rally , you'd probably get a larger crowd giving away free Big Macs !

19-Sep-15, 19:30
Oh come on Shabbychic, do us all a favour and look up 'DEMOCRATIC DECISION' (p.s. that's what happened a year ago)
Now don't know if you're aware or not not but 40 years ago in 1975 we had an EU Referendum (EEC), and guess what some 40+ years later we're going to have another!.
Now THAT is about the right gap, no whinging, wringing of hands, that result was democratically accepted.

So what's with all this losers whinging?

19-Sep-15, 20:30
haha, that's a pretty tragic gathering of neds in Glasgow.
Last years demolition of the nats is the gift that keeps on giving.

I would have thought Independence Dead would be a more apt title for the losers gathering.