View Full Version : Young black male cat hit by car near lidls

19-Sep-15, 11:32
saw young black cat hit by car by lidls this morning (sat) about 10am - i took him to the vets in wick - please contact me and let me know how hes doing - Elaine 07879589677

20-Sep-15, 13:58
That was really good of you. Hope the wee cat is okay.
I am sure the vet surgery would let you know how it is doing.

Hope an owner comes forward and it isn't a stray.

21-Sep-15, 18:53
Owner was found - not good news about poor puss am afraid - was paralysed vet decided had to be put to sleep.

jo bowd
25-Sep-15, 16:35
Such a shame but at least the owners know what happened to their pet and it wasn't left to suffer. Thank you for your kind deed.

25-Sep-15, 19:39
Sorry to hear that but, as Jo said, the family can take comfort in knowing their cat didn't suffer for long and am sure they are so grateful to you for what you did Elaine x

04-Oct-15, 20:44
I received a beautiful bunch of flowers and a thankyou card - brought tears to my eyes - just wish had been happier outcome for the young owner and the poor cat x