View Full Version : Big fine for "boorish behaviour"

17-Sep-15, 15:43
Alarming claims in pub were the works of fiction procurator fiscal tells Wick sheriff

Stephen Calvert alarmed patrons in a Caithness pub with his drink-fuelled, big man act during which he claimed he was ex-army and had served a jail term for taking a life.

But it was all a pack of lies, Wick Sheriff Court heard today when the self-employed joiner was fined 540 for his “boorish behaviour”.

Calvert, 29, admitted threatening or abusive behaviour at The Smiddy Inn, in Thrumster and a record. In addition to the fine, he was banned from the pub for two years.

The court heard that the disturbance occurred on the night of June 20. Calvert and his girlfriend had come north from Ross-shire, to visit her sister who was working at the pub at the time. The pair were among customers enjoying a convivial Saturday evening, socialising in the bar.

However, David Barclay, prosecuting, went on to describe how the mood changed for the worse.

He told the court: “ Calvert began making comments along the lines he had army service and that he had been in prison for killing someone. Things escalated when he went on to state that people on the premises would be dead if it wasn't for the fact he knew them. Customers became alarmed at what had gone beyond harmless banter and joking. The final straw was when the proprietor of the pub, David Miller, was approached, describing the accused as being 'right in my face'. The proprietor took the view that Calvert's behaviour had gone too far and phoned the police.”

Mr Barclay labelled the accused's comments as “the works of fiction” and added that, when interviewed, Calvert apologised and added that “everything was in good fun and he never intended to upset anyone".
Solicitor William Young said that Calvert had been drinking on the way north and continued at The Smiddy Inn and added: “He accepts that he had more alcohol that was sensible. The accused is completely at a loss as to why he made such remarks which he appreciates would have been alarming for those present in the bar. He wanted to make a good impression but went about it in completely the wrong way."

Sheriff Andrew Berry told Calvert ,of 4 First Coast Laide, Achnasheen: “We live in troubled times where society probably wonders where the next extraordinary event is going to happen. However, this was a relatively quiet spot where a complete stranger ,as if from nowhere and behaves in this boorish and unpleasant way. It would be totally disturbing to anyone, anywhere, particularly when there was no truth in what you were saying. But, the fact that it was complete nonsense, does not take away from the unpleasant nature of the disturbance caused to others.”