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08-Sep-15, 12:29
Our older Guinea Pig Buddy sadly passed away last week. We have our adopted male Guinea Pig Herbie, who is about 10 months old, left looking for a male friend now.

Ideally a piggie aged 6 months to a year would make a partner that could grow old a provide company for one another.

We have experience in dealing with Guineas and provide a good and varied diet for them. They are weighed every week and the bedroom has been converted to allow a big playpen area and there are two big cages so that each has plenty of space to sleep at night. A good home for life awaits.

I am willing to pay if need be, so long as nobody is taking the eyes out of me.

Thanks for reading.

15-Sep-15, 21:08
We now have a new friend for Herbie. A beautiful boy called Pippin. He was a bit nervous the first night but we were still able to handle him more than our own Guinea Pig Herbie who we have had for 10 months. Herbie is fine with your feet near him but doesn't like hands for some reason.

Pippin is a beautifully coloured boy who is small compared to Herbie. Pippin tipped the scales at 771g on his first weigh in but Herbie is a whopping 1400g. They have been getting on pretty well and are having the usual establishment of domination in the pairing. Herbie pretty much had control the first day but Pippin had his share of chasing Herbie about for a while today. Herbie is much more talkative for the first time since Buddy passed away and Pippin is very vocal as well.

Pippin has a lovely nature and was sitting in my arms happily eating peppers and cucumber from my hand. He had parsley for the first time today and seemed to enjoy it greatly along with red pepper. He is eating well and put on 14g his first day. He sat really well to have his nails trimmed, although he wasn't keen on the noise of the clippers at first.

We are delighted with him and he will have a home for life here and a big play pen to roam in during the day and a huge cage to share at night.

Thanks to Deirdre and Louise for helping us and to whoever trusted us with giving Pippin a loving and caring home. He will be spoiled and loved in equal measure.

16-Sep-15, 08:02
Glad you got a companion for Herbie. Sounds like he will have a fantastic life with you. What a caring person you sound. Your animals are very lucky.

17-Sep-15, 21:54
Glad you got a companion for Herbie. Sounds like he will have a fantastic life with you. What a caring person you sound. Your animals are very lucky.

Thanks for the kind wishes.

Managed to get a few photos of the lads last night.

Pippin ponders the old dilemma "Hay or Grass?" :-

http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i237/scorrie57/SAM_1456_zpsuyqfggoh.jpg (http://s73.photobucket.com/user/scorrie57/media/SAM_1456_zpsuyqfggoh.jpg.html)

Grass it is then Herbie? :-

http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i237/scorrie57/SAM_1454_zpsymydxssf.jpg (http://s73.photobucket.com/user/scorrie57/media/SAM_1454_zpsymydxssf.jpg.html)

The Behemoth that is Herbie the mutant Guinea Pig from Wallace and Gromit The Curse of the WereGuinea Pig:-

http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i237/scorrie57/SAM_1457_zps1kz89haz.jpg (http://s73.photobucket.com/user/scorrie57/media/SAM_1457_zps1kz89haz.jpg.html)

09-Oct-15, 22:08
Just to update that Pippin is doing well in his new home. We have split the playpen in two because Herbie seemed obsessed with "Herding" Pippin.

Since then they have both thrived, Herbie is much more vocal again and Popcorning regularly, Pippin has the occasional Popcorn but they tend to do this less as they get older and Herbie is only one year old this past week or so.

Pippin is eating very well and has thickened out at the rear. He was 903g this week, compared to 771g when we first weighed him. He looks really well, shiny and happy. We have trained him to go into the transfer pod we use to take them to and from the playpen. It only took him a few goes to get used to it and he usually goes straight in when we set the pod down.

They seem happy being able to sniff and chat to each other at the edges of their pen and cages where the bars meet, yet have their own privacy to wander in peace when desired. They love some parsley in the afternoon and Pippin goes up on his hind legs in anticipation. They seem like happy lads and we are glad to have them.