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05-Sep-15, 09:36
Voices in head drove 46-year-old woman to make bomb threat to police

A WOMAN, who claimed to have been driven by voices in her head when she made telephone threats to petrol bomb Wick police station, has been given a chance to tackle her problems.
Sheriff Andrew Berry warned Joanne Peacher that if she didn't grasp the opportunity, the only alternative would be a prison sentence.
The latest in a series of phone threats, was made on August 15. When police officers who traced her to a local pub, on August 15, Peacher, 46, immediately owned up saying - "I did it. The voices in my head told me to do it"
Her solicitor Fiona MacDonald told the court that she had no intention of carrying out her threat. Peacher, of Kennedy Terrace, Wick pleaded guilty. She is currently under a six-month supervision order, for a previous similar offence and was said to be getting medical help.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told the accused at Wick sheriff Court: "I don't want to find that the only course I have is to send you to prison. It is probably the last place you need to be, but the point may come where I have no alternative."
The sheriff, who saw a background report, added: "It is critical that you take all the help you can get and don't do what you have been doing, making wholly inappropriate phone calls."
Sheriff Berry told Peacher on a previous occasion that, given the ominous nature of the phone call, bomb threats had to be taken seriously by the police who had to spend time carrying out a search of the police station perimeter.
Peacher will reappear on January 8, two days before her current supervision order is due to end.