View Full Version : Ton-up speeder banned

04-Sep-15, 18:42
Speed was capable of causing "death and destruction" sheriff tells teen driver

A ton-up driver was told by a sheriff today that such a speed could potentially cause "death and destruction".

Sheriff Andrew Berry made the comment before sentencing Gavin Munro, at Wick yesterday, The 19-year-old admitted a charge of dangerous driving.

Police observed his car on the B874 Halkirk to Glengolly road, on June 1st and recorded speeds up to 101 mph as they caught up with him. The speed limit is 60mph.

David Barclay, prosecuting, said that the road is undulating in parts and has a number of access side routes off it.

The fiscal added that the speeds reached by Munro, of 21, Crescent Street, Halkirk village would be "completely inappropriate" anywhere in Britain.

Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that Munro, a first offender, worked in the family business and losing his licence could put his job at risk.

Sheriff Berry said that he regularly dealt with cases involving young male drivers travelling at "wholly inappropriate speeds" and "running a real risk of death and destruction".

Munro, a first offender was fined 400 and banned for a year. He will require to sit and pass the extended driving test when his disqualification ends. The court was told he had since disposed of the car..