View Full Version : Spat man jailed

04-Sep-15, 18:38
Seven months for what sheriff described as a "disgusting act"

A MAN, who spat on a policeman, was jailed for seven months by a sheriff who described it as “a disgusting act”.

The officer was one of two called in after Donald McPhee began shouting and swearing at people at the Lybster village playpark, on July 4.

He attempted to head-butt Constable Rhys Reid and then spat on Constable Ross Robertson.

The court at Wick, was told that McPhee, 29, was under the influence of drink and remembered little of the incident.

Solicitor Patrick O' Dea added that the accused, who has a record, had not enjoyed being on remand and had decided the time had come for him to change his ways.

Sheriff Andrew Berry said that police officers and others in public service were entitled to be treated with respect.

The sheriff added that McPhee's record reflected repeated offences of disorder and the only appropriate sentence was a custodial one.

The accused, of 17 Shelligoe Road, Lybster, admitted charges of assault and threatening or abusive behaviour.

The jail term is backdated to July 6 when he was arrested.