View Full Version : fire fox probs

Mr P Cannop
17-Apr-07, 15:51
having probs with Firefox can any one help me ??

17-Apr-07, 18:28
Could you describe what the problem is please?

Mr P Cannop
17-Apr-07, 18:34
was trying to sort another prob so i hit the restore default set button and mucking things up can that be fixed ??

17-Apr-07, 18:37
Is it your home page that isn't displaying?

Mr P Cannop
17-Apr-07, 18:43
in the address bar and i have lost a few bits for firefox

18-Apr-07, 23:06
have you tried to right click to the right hand side of the help menu and then going to customize?? might help.....also were the things that you are missing plugins?? if so you will need to re download them

Mr P Cannop
19-Apr-07, 08:24
did try that but no luck

23-Apr-07, 09:21
Could you describe your problem in greater detail please?

Mr P Cannop
23-Apr-07, 12:50
its ok end of prob using ie7 now binned firefox

21-Jul-07, 13:11
I wouldn't use IE7 if at all possible. It is the least secure of the popular browsers out there. Firefox is much better. Much more customizable too. You should try out firefox again. If you uninstalled it when you got rid of it, installing again should solve any problems that you had.

Mr P Cannop
21-Jul-07, 15:49
firefox is working ok now

22-Jul-07, 20:20
Ah one of the delights of microsoft.... If something doesn't work with their operating systems a re-install usually solves it.