View Full Version : Blues Tuition wanted

13-May-05, 14:11
Is anyone prepared to tutor me in the fundementals of playing the blues on guitar? I'm an experienced player but need a lift in the area of blues such as the pentatonic scale and so on. Anywhere Caithness and East Sutherland OK with me.

The Pepsi Challenge
13-May-05, 17:32
Buy any Alan Lomax book. Then buy yourself the complete works of Charlie Feathers and Howlin' Wolf on CD. Afterward, take to the graveyards to learn your 'trade'. Within 6 months you'll be a regular troubadour... albeit with a hellhound on your traill.

Or you could just ask Isaac Sutherland at Dunnet Head lighthouse if he could give you a couple of lessons.

13-May-05, 19:10
Thanks for the suggestion!