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16-Apr-07, 15:44
Some local “worthies” were hevan a chat one day at aye Auction Mert and wan suggested they hev a competitishan til see fa could tell aye biggest lie !

“Ah” said Wullie “all gee ye a good aine” Wan day ( a very frosty day it wis too ) A wis cycling oot aye sooth rod an when a came til Hempriggs a noticed at Sanny Stewart wis docan neeps in aye field way his Son Chonny.

“Aye aye Sanny” I called, and Sanny lifted aye sickle in aye aire an shouted back aye aye Wullie, but fit happened next wis unbelievable. Doon his haun came sickle an all, an hay docked aye heed off his Son !

Weel, …. a chumped off ma bike an hedit across aye field til where Sanny an aye loon wur workan, maun bit it wis cauld at day, absolutely freezan. When a arrived aire, a took aye loon’s heed an clapped it on his shouthers, an miracle o’miracles it stuck on, an hay kerried on dockan aye neeps way his faither.

Weel, it was almost half-yoking time so Sanny an masel set off for aye fairm an left aye loon till hid. In a wee whilie in came aye boyag, in fact choost as Sanny and masel wur hevan a mug o’tea and eattan wur floore scones. Hay went our til aye peat fire till warm his hans an maun a great beeg dreep started till come fae his nose. Hay grabbed a had o’hid an maun yel never guess fit happened next ?

He threw his head in aye fire !!!!!! P.S. Ye will need a beeg stretch o'imagination to see iss thread as literature !!

16-Apr-07, 16:20
P.S. Ye will need a beeg stretch o'imagination to see iss thread as literature !!

But a very good story and great dialect :D much appreciated!:lol: