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16-Apr-07, 12:22
Have finally persuaded mother to change from AOL to Tiscali. Got all the software, modem, etc from Tiscali. Uninstalled AOL from computer and installed Tiscali, but for some reason when you click on Tiscali icon it brings up AOL and says it can't be opened as some of AOL not installed. If you connect via the modem it says Tiscali broadband connected, but when you click on Internet explorer to open up into Internet it doesn't work. I know when I had changed from AOL to Tiscali I had problems and had to system restore back to factory settings on my computer, but that was about a 1 1/2 years ago, does anyone have any ideas on how I can solve this problem on mother's computer other than having to system restore.

I would be really, really grateful.


21-Jul-07, 13:19
Sounds like you need to set Tiscali as your default browser. To do this you can go through the tiscali software (which i'm not sure about seeing as ive never used it). You should be able to get it to run by going through your start menu --> All programs --> Tiscali? etc.

This might not work. If it doesn't then go to your C-Drive and go to Program Files. Then choose the Tiscali folder. Choose the executable file that has the name that mostly resembles the word Tiscali. This should run it.