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14-Aug-15, 22:39
This is mainly by way of sharing a bad project experience and outlining what I got wrong.
1 ) the basics- assume nothing. I was doing up a kitchen in an older property. My builders decided that I needed to level up a wall and drop a ceiling. They didn't spell out how much exactly this was going to cost, but it would eat up my budget before I began.
2) don't assume that if your budget runs over you can simply stick it on credit cards or use up your savings- that is why you NEED quotes from at least three tradesmen- if you need to borrow to get the job done, the bank will be more helpful if they think you have done your homework.
3) when you get your team of trades people together make sure that everyone sees the plans and reads them carefully and that they won't simply take breaks of several weeks waiting for one person to do their bit.
4) if you are using Howdens or trade suppliers, ask your tradesmen to let you know how much things are going to be- and make sure you have additional money to cover this and other costs.
5) if you can source some things cheaper, get on the Internet and see what deals are out there- things I got right? A much cheaper splashba k for a cooker, and tiles and a shower enclosure.
6) if the tradesmen have done something wrong don't just put up with it- get them to put it right. If something is in the wrong place, get it shifted before flooring goes down and you are stuck with it.
7) if you are project managing instruct carefully and make it very clear what you want. I bought metro tiles, and assumed that they would be put up in a brick pattern. They didn't.
8) don't pay cash in hand- you need invoices etc- the big exception is if you have friends and family who are happy to help you out. A bank might ask to see these, especially if you are adding to your mortgage.
9) beware the O Reilly factor - see Fawlty Towers episode 2- you can laugh at it on television but it isn't so funny if it happens to you