View Full Version : Starlings -Help!

15-Apr-07, 22:01
Well they may be on the "red list" as a species in decline, however at ChezBurd, they're back for another summer, in their droves. We have a serious problem with the rascals nesting annually in our outbuilding - the results are starling pooh everywhere in there... they also like to take a shortcut, right over my washing line, with a similar effect. Grrrr.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we could perhaps discourage them from hanging out in our garden?:lol:

15-Apr-07, 22:34
A fake bird of prey made of ply, cardboard or similiar might disuade them from the garden if you can get it perched in a suitable place.
I've got a similar problem but in my case is sparrows and fortunately although beneath the ivy where they nest it gets a bit messy, they seem to manage to miss the washing as they cross the garden.
Good luck, hope you find a solution without having to drive them away completely,

16-Apr-07, 22:40
Thank you for the advice Lizz, we'll definitely give this a try, and let you know how we get on.