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11-Aug-15, 18:10
Can any one tell me how to change NEF file to DNG or what software to use. Adobe photoshop doesn't reconise them

11-Aug-15, 19:40
I see that the free IrfanView for the PC can (with its set of plugins installed) use NEF files:


But using the File Open menu it is filed under DCR etc etc as NEF is among a long list of RAW image formats.


11-Aug-15, 22:02
Thanks for the return Jim.tried the irfanview but didn't seam to work, all i get is this http://i744.photobucket.com/albums/xx89/brjf1936/ScreenShot023_zps04hu2g1k.png (http://s744.photobucket.com/user/brjf1936/media/ScreenShot023_zps04hu2g1k.png.html) when i try to open the file

12-Aug-15, 02:37
if the ACR doesnt recognise the NEF file it would mean your camera is newer than the version of the photoshop suite you are using at the moment (or newer than the last update you made).
you should be able to get a free update from the adobe website (link below).

im not sure if you will be able to install the latest camera raw update but im pretty sure you will have an update for your camera. If not the DNG converter should be free on this site as well as far as i remember.