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07-Aug-15, 17:36
John O' Groat Journal headlines for August 7, 2015

A CALL was made yesterday for the Scottish Government to take action following a decision to temporarily suspend junior doctor training at Caithness General Hospital. The plea came from health campaigner Liz Smith and David Flear,chairman of Dounreay Stakeholder Group.

IT was launched just over two months ago and already it has been rated as one of the best road trips of its kind anywhere in the world. The North Coast 500 has captured the imagination of the tourist sector to become rated by Now Travel Magazine as the fifth best coastal road trip on the planet.

THE crisis in Calais where thousands of migrants are camped and attempting to reach the UK by travelling through the Channel Tunnel, is costing a Caithness seafood company 70 per cent of its business. But its company director has sympathy for the migrants and feels more has to be done to help them. William Calder SNR, said the problems at the French port had cost Scrabster Seafoods over two thirds of its business.

CULLING is not the answer to solving the problem of an increasing number of seagull attacks on people carrying food outdoors. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is against proposals to introduce licensing to cull seagull populations in urban areas, saying it would be ineffective and lead to endless slaughtering.

THE new leaders of Highland Council say they will not be afraid to lobby Scottish Government minister harder than "ever was done before" for more money for better roads and more houses. Alasdair Rhind the ruling Independent group's second in command, said the voice of the Highlands needed to be heard more clearly by the SNP government in the Central Belt.

THE number of young people opting to stay in Caithness and the rest of the Highlands is on the increase, according to a new report. Highlands and Islands Enterprise commissioned a study called Highland and Islands Attitudes and Aspirations to look into longheld concerns about the migration of young people from the area.

WHAT is triangular-shaped, has a 20 million price tag and is being touted to become the far north's newest tourist trap? It is the project to build the National Nuclear Archive, work on which has just started on the outskirts of Wick.

SCRABSTER Harbour received a welcome surprise when 480 German tourists aboard a cruise liner, made an unscheduled stop-off. Ocean Majesty arrived at the port at noon yesterday after giving just 24 hours warning. It is not known if the unscheduled stop was due to adverse sea conditions but staff at the port made last minute preparations for the arrival of the 10,400 tonne vessel, at its deep-water Queen Elizabeth Pier.