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07-Aug-15, 07:39
Convictions erased after accused admit lesser charge

THE WICK street assault trial took a dramatic turn yesterday after the indictment was reduced to summary level and then downgraded to a breach of the peace.

The accused, Scott Webster, 19, and 21-year-old Ross Bremner pleaded guilty and in an exceptional step, both were granted an absolute discharge by Sheriff Andrew Berry who heard that they were decent, hardworking lads who never been in trouble, previously, and had had the worry of the case hanging over them for two years.

Webster, of Lower Reiss Farm, near Wick, and Ross Bremner of Myrelandhorn, Kirk, near Reiss, were originally charged on indictment with assaulting builder's labourer, Luke Sawyer in Union Street and Bridge Street, Wick, on May 5, 2013, pulling him from a car and repeatedly punching and kicking him on the head and body to his severe injury.

The Bridge Street allegation was excluded from the indictment, on the third day of the trial, yesterday and the additional reductions followed later in the afternoon. The breach-of-the-peace charge was restricted to the two accused preventing Mr Sawyer from entering the car.

Webster's solicitor, George Mathers, described his client as "a very talented young man" employed by an international company. Webster was also a member of the British organisation, STEM, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics organistion and visits primary schools to teach pupils about his work. He is a member of the U21 Scottish shooting team and reserve for the full team.

Mr Mathers revealed: "Scott's firearms certificate was suspended and revoked due to the case and someone he regularly beats in shooting is now being considered for an Olympic place. That has been a real disappointment for him. Scott is also concerned at the possible effect a conviction would have on his future career."

Solicitor Fiona MacDonald for Bremner stressed Bremner's good character and work ethic.

Sheriff Berry said that the charge was now very far removed from the original indictment. The case had been "a considerable worry" for the respective families but he had every confidence that neither accused would never appear in court again.