View Full Version : No jail for birthday man

07-Aug-15, 07:32
Accused to carry out unpaid work in the community

A MAN with a record, got the best birthday present he could have wished for....he escaped a jail term.

Graham MacPhee, 30, yesterday, admitted a charge of reset on indictment and a string of previous convictions, at Wick Sheriff Court, but was given a community service sentence.

Stolen possessions comprising three satellite tv boxes, a laptop, a lawnmower and a variety of tools were found in his home at 13b Ormlie Road, Thurso on August 4, last year. The haul had disappeared from a woman's home in the village of Halkirk, but everything was recovered the court heard..

Solicitor Neil Wilson said that that MacPhee had been under the influence of "a variety of substances" at the time but added: "That is no excuse...no-one held a gun to his head and forced him to take them."

Appealing for a non-custodial sentence, Mr Wilson said that the accused has stayed out of trouble since getting the tenancy of a house in Thurso, was alcohol and drug free and was in a stable relationship.

The solicitor added: " What he has tried to impress on me is that he has finally grown up."

Sheriff Andrew Berry said that it was entirely possible that MacPhee would say anything to put himself in the best position to avoid going to prison and added that "the background report before me, pretty much says that".

However the sheriff added: "There is just enough in the report to allow me not to impose a custodial sentence."

MacPhee was ordered to carry out 225 hours of unpaid work.