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06-Aug-15, 08:22
Victim was dragged from car by accused claims witness

A TEENAGER told a court yesterday of how he saw a young Wick man being subjected to a vicious assault in a local street.
Apprentice plumber James Alexander was a passenger in a car which picked up Luke Sawyer in the town's Union Street in the early hours. Mr Sawyer had been warned there were "boys chasing him" but as he was getting into the Silver Fiesta, he was dragged back by his feet and assaulted by two of them.
Mr Alexander, 18, claimed that Mr Sawyer was kicked and punched by Scott Webster, 19, of Lower Reiss Farm, near Wick, and 21-year-old Ross Bremner, who lives at Myrelandhorn, Kirk, near Reiss.
The pair have pleaded not guilty, on indictment, to assault to severe injury on May 5 and Bremner has entered a special defence of self defence. Mr Sawyer suffered a fractured hand and a broken jaw which required to have a plate inserted in an Aberdeen hospital.
After other passengers broke up the fight, Mr Sawyer managed to get back in the car but, there was further trouble when the vehicle stopped again, soon afterwards, this time in nearby Bridge Street.
Mr Alexander, told the jury Mr Sawyer got out of the car and was kicked and punched by Bremner.
There was a moment of drama on the second day of the trial when Mr Alexander accused Webster's solicitor, George Mathers, of lying.
Mr Mathers had put it to the witness: "I am suggesting that you didn't see my client doing anything in Union Street".
Mr Alexander: "That is a lie...you are a liar"
Sheriff Andrew Berry asked him whether he was continuing to insist in calling a responsible officer of the court a liar and Mr Alexander affirmed and added: "He called me a liar".
The sheriff said he would had to consider whether Mr Alexander was in contempt of court.
After suspending proceedings to give the witness an opportunity to consider his position,
Mr Alexander revised his claim saying that Mr Mathers was "wrong to have make the suggestion he had made".
The prosecution is expected to close its case today.