View Full Version : Aff tae dae my shopping

15-Apr-07, 01:48
Aff tae week tae dae my shopping
wae a few pennies in my pocket
went tae homebase tae look eh roond
but hed tae be ca-canny cos
nae a lot o pennies in my pocket
so we baught a flewer for eh gerden
och a bonny one et wis
but there was wan thing missing
no faices i ken't aboot

So aff we gae tae tesco's
im sure oor cedric will be there
i scranned all eh faices
but he wasna aboot
now i ken it wasna a holiday
or his lunchtime he could use fer an excuse
so CEDRIC i hid tae geet my ain trolley
and nae a happy saul
so im nae gaing tae tesco's
till i ken yea are gaing to be aboot

(yes folks if there is ever an a lesson to learn, never try and write your first poem, after having a night oot) LOL

15-Apr-07, 07:25
That's a jolly good try !! well done and let's have more.

Looks like you had a good night out too!!
What were you drinking ? I must get some .


15-Apr-07, 13:55
Trinkie all i can say is "oooommmmmmmgggggggg" wat a load of tosh i wrote lol well it will be water next time im oot LOL