View Full Version : 11 millions by NHS Scotland sending patients to private

03-Aug-15, 15:18
Hmm so much for not privatising the NHS.


rob murray
03-Aug-15, 15:46
“The government’s own funding formula says that NHS Grampian is under-funded to the tune of 17million this year alone. If NHS Grampian cannot meet targets they are "obligated" to buy services elsewhere, so a they are either wasteful and incompentent or b underfunded ...Id go for under funded

03-Aug-15, 16:59
What do they class waiting times for, is it to actually see a specialist (Consultant) or is it for an operation ?

Alien Adrenaline Reflex
04-Aug-15, 22:36
Im intrested in this part of the article

“We have invested 16million in new theatres at Woodend and ARI to improve our ability to treat patients, within waiting times, in the north-east.
“In time, we expect this additional capacity to lead to a reduction in our use of the private sector.”

obviously it will be very interesting to see how this massive investment cuts not only the waiting times butalso the need to use private care to maintain waiting times.