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14-Apr-07, 13:24
Drinking coffee in Tesco
I was weary and ill at ease
My fingers wandered idly
BUT where were my car keys?

I know not what I was thinking
As I roamed from aisle to aisle
Just picked up tins of this and that
I'd purchased such a pile !

I smiled to friends as they passed by
And they smiled back to me -
With my hoard of healthy goodies
For all the world to see.

Then at the Till I know I paid
With Debit Card so free
And pushed the trolley to my car
I'd had my Shopping Spree !

But where, Oh where, were my car keys ?
Where, Oh where were they
I nodded to all the passers by
Not knowing what to say.

Then along came my friend Dear Cedric
"An' how are you today?"
"I canna find my keys" I said
"Oh fit am I tae dae?"

"Now dont you worry lass" said he
"Have you looked both near and far -
In every bag and pocket? OR......
Have you left them in your CAR!!"

Cedric Farthsbottom III
14-Apr-07, 21:36
I'm there to help thats what I'm for
The smile in yer face made ma day
Cos ye foond yer keys and off ye went
Withoot anymore dismay

But trinkie the thing that made me happiest
Was when ye began to sing
That auld time song when I was a kid
When sung happiness did bring

"Lavenderblue,dilly dilly
Lavender green
When I am King
Dilly dilly ye will be Queen"

14-Apr-07, 22:21
Like the knights of old his banner flying high,
Sir Cedric came to help when he heard the maiden sigh.
He offered her advice and gave a friendly hand,
He is no ostritch with buried head in sand.

Now his steed may not be a thundering charger,
But he has a friendly smile and a heart that's larger,
For he's The Sir Galahad of Wick
And never fails to miss a trick.

So ladies when your shopping bag is torn,
When the bairns have you really worn,
When life seemds nothing but a drudge,
Look for the fella with the cheery nudge.

For Sir Cedric will be close to hand,
He will no nonsense entertain or stand,
Long may he smile with pearlies white
And brighten up Wick's day and night.

15-Apr-07, 13:59
I am rubbish and a bit embarrassed at writing my own verse but how could I not try and write a few lines in reply to Trinkie and CedricFBTM111 – so here goes – written loosely and with apologies to the tune of the Irish Rover…

On Friday I went
And my pennies I spent
In Tesco, like so many do.

We had coffee and tea
Oh we had such a spree
It was hols so the kids were there too.

We shopped up the aisles
We were greeted with smiles
Our trolley’s we filled rather over..

But then silly me
I couldn’t find my key
How was I to get back to Thurso!

So turn out your bag
My daughter she did nag
Oh where did the car keys go to?

Then Cedric along he came
And he joined in the ‘game’
They’ll be somewhere you least expect them.

Then he walked us to the car
Cheery chap, it wasn’t very far
Keys were there and the PANIC WAS OVER!

An earlier ditty:-

A senior moment at Tesco
When I thought I’d lost my car keys
Am I getting a touch of ‘oldtimers’?
Oh Dear Lord, NO, PLEASE!

LB :lol:

15-Apr-07, 14:04
Very good lavenderblue, keep it up!!

15-Apr-07, 14:05
Well done to all of you :D much applause :lol: ....

15-Apr-07, 15:48
What a grand ceilidh we're having !! I love it.
Well done to everyone.
Whose turn next I wonder ??
From ''Lost Keys'' to ''Finding a Voice'' in three easy steps.

Keep going
PS Just a pity we dont have sound -

15-Apr-07, 16:01
Very good lavenderblue, keep it up!!

You did much better than me after your night out Highlander!! Maybe I should crack open a bottle of wine and loosen up a bit.

LB Hic! :lol: