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13-Apr-07, 13:12
Broth on 'e Sunday
by Castlegreen

Ye may dine in gran' steite off 'e finest o' pleite
Or a bowlie may had yur drop broachan,
Ye may tak sometheen' licht if ye're no feelan richt
Or sit at 'e boord till ye're soachan'
Ye mebbe mak do on a skintie o' stew
Or tatties and herreen' for wan day;
Fit ye hev through 'e week disna maitter a squeak,
Bit id beest till be broth on 'e Sunday.

There's whilies A daursay, ye feel kin' o' warsie,
An' ye'd lek till try somethin' by-ornar,
Weel, tattie soup's good if ye feel in 'at mood
An' slapshot 'll fill ivry coarner.
Ye can mak a gran dish off a chounk o' hard fish
Or 'e rabbad ye catched in 'e cundy.
Bit id's sorry an' grief if there's no bilan beef
An' ye canna hev broth on 'e Sunday.

There's many a mannie fa's stomag is dwannie
An' there's ithers again on a diad
Bit id mak's ids appeal till 'e seek an' 'e weel
An' there's non o' them frichtened till try id.
'E bairns may be chock fill o' sweeties an trock
An fylan' their bowgies wi' gundy
Bit they're 'ere on 'e nail wi a skutch till thur tail
Fan they ken 'at ids broth on 'e Sunday.

Fan ye're feelan' clean beit an ye're meef wi' 'e heit,
An' 'e plainston's ablow ye's fair bilan;
Fan 'e stoor leives ye blin' an ye're lek till gie in
Id's 'e thocht o' yur broth keeps ye smilan'
'E bleeters o' rain may be lashan 'e pane,
An' ye daurna look oot, id's at windy,
'E hoose may be rockan - ye care no a dockan
As long as id's broth on 'e Sunday.

Let 'e Sooth shither blost o' thur grills an' thur rost
They dinna ken better, poor craiters,
Bit till fowk wi' good teiste fa hev notheen till weiste
A pleite o' thick broth's aal 'at maitters.
An' dinna get attry if hid's thin an' wattry.
Hid's thicker id be's by e Monday,
So straichten yur back sir, an hev a richt raxer!
There's notheen' lek broth on 'e Sunday.

16-Apr-07, 19:48
Someone has just written me to say you have obliterated a Caithness word in this poem.

"############HER" means People / folk.

I expect your machine is being extra sensitive...
OOOps I expect it's going to do the same with this !!

We could go on all day !!

16-Apr-07, 20:46
Trinkie, pm Colin or Niall and they can allow that word which has been blanked out to get through the filters.
IMO it does take away from the Kaitness tongue, when its filtered out

16-Apr-07, 20:57
Thank you Golach,
I have done that - let's see what happens.

It does seem rather a pity to change the Caithness words....
it's surprising that no others have been erased !