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12-Apr-07, 21:47
AUTUMN OAK TREE - (Haiku verse)

Majestic oak tree
Is starting to lose its leaves
In my back garden

Some leaves are still green
And others have turned to rust
A bicolour tree!

The wind is blowing
And stealing the rusted leaves
From my oak tree now

The leaves flutter down
Then dance around the green grass
As the breeze blows through.

SPRING OAK TREE - (Rhyming verse)

Now that springtime has returned, my oak tree has recovered from her winter nudity,
Her branches have given birth to newborn leaves, and she is regaining her verdancy.

The leaves will enlarge and become more luxuriant, as well as a deeper shade of green,
Soon I will be able to sit under her majestic branches, ponder and daydream.

My family and I will picnic, and seek her shady protection from the sun,
In the long days of summer heat, languid from the temperature, exhausted by the fun!