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11-Jul-15, 08:20
Wick driver "perfect example" of new drinks limit risk

A SHERIFF has highlighted the danger for drivers who fall fall of "morning after" tests by police acting on the new low-limit drinks driving regulations.
He described Graham Rae as " the perfect example". The teenager admitted driving with excess alcohol.
Rae, 18, was stopped in Bridge Street, Wick, around 10am on June 14, the town's sheriff court heard, yesterday. Police officers got the smell of alcohol and tests confirmed he had a breath-alcohol limit of 41 microgrammes - the new limit is 22mgs.
Fiscal David Barclay said that Rae, who was courteous and co-operative, told the police that he had had "a few beers" the night before but had stopped drinking at 11pm.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told Rae that the current limit was "a low one" and it was "easily possible" to contravene it, adding: "You are the perfect example of that".
He fined Rae, a store worker, of 53 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick, 200 and banned him for a year.