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12-Apr-07, 19:06
(A Staggering Exposition)
by John Horne.

''Ken ye fat a streetie is,
Mannie fae 'e sooth?''
The stranger pinned his puzzled gaze
On that queer-spoken youth.

''A streetie is a roadie
Fat's neither lang nor wide -
A cattie efter moosies
Micht tak' it in a stride.

''Ere's here and 'ere a hoosie,
Wi' shoppies in 'etween -
A puddin' in e window,
On a platie no sae clean.

''A mannie wi a cairtie,
A wifie wi' a coo,
Micht meet wi' ane anither,
An' scarcely totter through.

''At's fat a street is,
As near as I can win;
Hid's jist a peerie-pinkie way
'At scutters oot an' in.''

The stranger eyed the youngster,
And gently stroked his head;
''Poor lad!'' sighed he in pity,
''You should go home to bed!''