View Full Version : Missing Ginger Cat - Upper Gills Area

Carys Mainprize
26-Jun-15, 14:46
Hi all! One of our cats has been missing for three days, which is very unlike him. He is a large fluffy ginger and white cat, very friendly and with a very loud purr. He also has two ginger spots on his pink nose.

We live along the Lyth road in Upper Gills. Please ring us if you think you've seen him (01955 611 730), and please ask friends who may live around Gills Bay, Lyth and Canisbay. Thank you!

Unfortunately I can't seem to upload a picture, but if you click here (http://tyrfish.livejournal.com/79961.html) you can visit my Livejournal post with pictures (or copy and paste this into your browser: http://tyrfish.livejournal.com/79961.html ).

Carys Mainprize
30-Jun-15, 19:27
Cat found! :)

01-Jul-15, 13:14
Brilliant news!!!! :)