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24-Jun-15, 07:31
Victim won't be able to wear earing sheriff court is told

A TEENAGER was left bruised and bleeding after an attack in a popular Wick recreational area.
The victim, Pamela McPhee, 17, required treatment in hospital for her injuries which included damage to her left ear.
Wick Sheriff Court was told that she would never be able to wear an earing.
Frances Watt, 17, of 44 Macrae Street, Wick, admitted a charge of assault while acting with two juveniles, who together forced their victim to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked her on the head and body.to her injury and permenant disfigurement. The assault occurred at Riverside, Wick, on July 15, last year.
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that the incident followed an exchange of words between the two, with Watt accusing Ms McPhee of texting derragatory comments about her.
Ms McPhee was treated at Caithness General Hospital. The fiscal said that her main injury was a one centimetre cut to her left ear lobe which required four stitches and left a visible scar.
Mr Barclay added: "Ms McPhee was advised that she would never be able to wear an earing."
Sheriff Andrew Berry, who saw a letter from Watt's GP, called for a background report which he will consider before sentencing the accused on August 7.