View Full Version : vocal teachers

09-May-05, 19:31
does anyone kno if there are any vocal instructers in caithness, preferably wick or south of it, who have spaces for new pupils?

09-May-05, 20:53
That's something I've been meaning to ask about, too... not going to go for it if I don't get into the music course I'm thinking about... only I need one in the Thurso area.

20-May-05, 15:30
theres some wifie teaching in Halkirk but she probably only does the stuff needed 4 the assosiated board music exams. This info is probs no use, lol i cant remember her name, my m8 will know, get bak 2 u then!

20-May-05, 17:44
thanks cat any info is welcomed