View Full Version : Looking forward to Summer

Schoolhouse Blues
11-Apr-07, 00:57
Help please photography orgers. I wanted to share a summer garden photo, but have failed to upload the photo sucessfully. It's a .jpg file - any suggestions?

11-Apr-07, 11:02
register with www.photobucket.com and up-load via this.

Schoolhouse Blues
11-Apr-07, 23:48
Buggyracer - many thanks for the tip. I hope you, and everyone, enjoy this photo. :D

Taken in summer 2005, the sunflowers did well that year, despite some fiersome winds. They're great fun - much appreciated by the bairns and nature alike.


12-Apr-07, 04:10
Your sunflower pic is gorgeous, Schoolhouse Blues, and so are your other two floral photos. Thanks for sharing them with us! :)

21-Apr-07, 12:11
The Rose is my favourite.