View Full Version : 2 Grey cats

14-Jun-15, 15:25
I am wondering if anyone has seen one of these cats. They are all grey in colour and have been missing for sometime. I am posting this in hope that maybe someone has seen or come across them. They were in the area out past Homebase in Wick on a farm but have moved from that area. If you have seen them, could you drop me a line please. They both have been neutered and spayed. They are semi feral but beautiful cats.

19-Jun-15, 13:00
Really sorry they are missing :( What beautiful cats.
Have you contacted Caithness Cats Protection? They have a facebook page and could post details on it.
If you are on facebook yourself there is a page for Lost and Found pets in Caithness.

Hope you find them safe and well soon.

19-Jun-15, 20:01
Hi, I have done. Even if someone has taken them in and they are safe. Just to know would mean a lot.

11-Jul-15, 22:30
I am offering a 100.00 reward for safe return of these cats.

14-Jul-15, 19:40
Have PM'd you not interested in reward just want you to get your cats back :-)

15-Jul-15, 20:04
I have sent you a PM. Thank you for getting in touch.