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11-Jun-15, 07:53
Girlfriend hit me with bottle claims accused--
A THURSO man, accused of a serious assault on his girlfriend, claimed to police who arrested him - "She hit me with a bottle".
That emerged in evidence agreed by the prosecution and defence during the trial of William McPhee.
His claim received some support from an independent forensic medical examiner, Wick Sheriff Court heard yesterday, on the second day of the trial.
McPhee, 52, denies on indictment, assaulting Marwin Roberts at her home at 29 Henderson Street, Thurso, on June 2 last year and entered a special defence of self defence.
She told the court, previously, how an argument escalated, in the early hours, with McPhee repeated calling her, "a f****** grass".
McPhee, of 1 Trostan Road, Thurso, was alleged to have pushed Ms Roberts and leapt on her "like a monkey", straddling her after she fell to the floor.. She claimed he then grabbed her by the throat and she couldn't get her breath and feared she was going to die. However, the accused got up and she managed to get him out of the house.
Ms Roberts, told the court that she struck him one once on his forehead during the incident. However in a garbled text message to her daughter, Sarah Matthews, she appeared to admit she had "split is head open." ("split is head open")
Ms Roberts' injuries showed extensive bruising to her head, shoulder and right hip.
In a further passage of agreed evidence, Dr Milosz Bieniecki, lead police forensic medical examiner, noted a series of bruises to McPhee's head and arms and a cut on the top of his head.
He went on: "The injuries were blunt traumas and were caused by a hit with a blunt object, possibly a bottle. The injuries were consistent with him being assaulted and struck with a bottle a few days earlier." The court heard that broken glass was found on the living room floor of Ms Roberts' home, as well as blood stains.
The jury is expected to retire to consider its verdict, today. (Thursday)