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10-Jun-15, 07:36
Wanted revenge on dog after it bit him court is told

A DRUNKEN man threatened to strike a dog with an axe after, he claimed, it bit him in a house in Wick.
But other people in the room intervened and stopped John Begg, Wick Sheriff Court heard yesterday.
Begg, 25, admitted threatening behaviour, between March 1 and April 30, this year and a record, and was jailed for eight months.
Fiscal depute David Barclay said that the accused was seen to lift the axe from a fireplace during a visit to 26 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick, and it was clear he intended to strike that dog he claimed to police had bitten him.
Mr Barclay said: "Some quick-witted individuals present, managed to intervene and stopped matters going any further."
The fiscal described it as " a heat-of-the-moment reaction" by the accused after being bitten.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that Begg, of 42 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick had been under the influence of drink and valium at the time but maintained he never intended to go through with the axe attack.
Sheriff Andrew Berry observed that the accused's record contained convictions for assault, distorder and failure to comply with court orders and added: "Your behaviour was beyond belief, even by your standards. Your early plea reflects the only saving grace in this matter."