View Full Version : The park Hotel, Thurso

07-May-05, 19:59
Was in the park hotel in thurso today for a bar lunch and i have to say the service was absolutley dreadful, we had to wait ages to get our food and then we had to go looking for the staff to order a pudding, likewise when we wanted to get the bill, and when we asked for the bill we had it thrown at us!

I wont be going bak there in a hurry! [mad]

Don Quixote
09-May-05, 07:50
:eek: Surprised by the treatment you received at the Park as we go there quite often and find food and service excellent :D

They must hae been having a very bad day :evil although before you say it, that is no excuse for bad manners/service :~(

12-Jul-05, 21:53
Have to agree with you Don, we frequent the Park at every opportunity as the food is delicious, portions ample and service and atmosphere are great.

That was until last week and now I'd have to agree with spiggie! We started with the soup and were apalled to find large gobs of flour (used to thicken the soup) which had not been thoroughly broken up.

We then moved on to the main course where we both had haddock. The first thing we noticed was that the fish portions were smaller - around 2/3rd normal size. Also the choice of veg was somewhat unusual and not very tasty (butternut squash, 'spiced' courgettes and very dry cauliflower). In addition we were served 4 new potatoes and a smallish portion of chips between us. As my other half didn't like any of the veg (we would normally have expected peas, sweetcorn, carrots or something more mainstream) we asked for a separate side salad.

After being thoroughly let down we went to pay our bill, and it was only because we were regulars that we decided we'd mention our disappointment. They took off the soups as a sweetener but I doubt we'll be frequenting the place again until we hear they've improved.