View Full Version : Car waterless wash & wax

04-Jun-15, 20:32
I have tried the following wash/wax (must admit I was very wary). Its called :
Its available via the internet (try Amazon), & is quite remarkable in so far as you don't have to wash the vehicle prior to using this (I tried it on my dirty(ish) car, & its really is quite remarkable!).
The manufacturer, Williams, is one & the same as the Formula 1 team.
Cannot praise it highly enough-it has also taken out small "whirls" left by previous polishes.

wavy davy
20-Jul-15, 22:35
Interesting. Gets great reviews but there's a part of my brain that says that, however good the science, the paint will be marked by the muck you're skimming off.
Anyone else given it a go?