View Full Version : Found young Tabby cat- Roster area

03-Jun-15, 22:30
A young female Tabby cat has been visiting us for a week or so now- wouldn't allow anyone to get too close until tonight. A friend managed to catch her and she was reasonably happy to be stroked and to sit in a car. She is very wary but wants to be friendly !
She has two white back legs and a white left paw. She also has white under her chin. Her tail is striped and quite fluffy. She is very thin and hungry and is currently in a large dog cage tucking into a good meal. Will take her to The Vets tomorrow to check for a microchip.
We are in Roster near Lybster. Please PM me if you think this may be your cat.

04-Jun-15, 18:33
Little Tabby taken to Vet. No microchip. Vet estimated age between 8 - 12 months.