View Full Version : Accounts error blows 3m hole in Highland health board budge

06-May-05, 22:03
Well I hope this doesn't affect Caithness and the maternity unit. I expect the outlying places will be made to suffer the resulting budget cuts long before Raigmore. The first saving they should make is to sack the accountants who made such a massive error.

And maybe if there were less administrators and more MEDICAL staff our hospitals would run better.

What does everyone think?

06-May-05, 23:10
And maybe if there were less administrators and more MEDICAL staff our hospitals would run better.

What does everyone think?
'Blame the administrators' is usually a Tory game. I don't understand the efforts to demonise administrators.

Administration needs to be done, it's not an optional extra. Getting rid of administrators will not save money or make a hospital more efficient.

If you staff a hospital entirely with medical staff, you end up paying doctors something between 11 and 22 per hour to engage in one-finger typing. I'd rather efficient administrators were paid 7 to 8 per hour to do that job properly, and the medical staff were free to engage in medical work.

Why do you think we don't see police out and about these days? They're stuck in the station doing paperwork. Surely you're not calling for our medical staff to be doing the same thing?

07-May-05, 13:47
Who's responsible for that slight miscalculation? Should they go on a course?

I don't think it is the secretarial personnel that are killing the NHS - It is the burocrats at the top, that are the source of the troubles.

Who in their right mind/infinite wisdom decided on the change of name for the health board? A waste of resources when you think of all the attendant costs - They could have called it "Grampian Country Chickens - People Division" (no offence to that company) and it would have made no difference to the service. Bit like changing the name for the "Exam Board" to "Ed Excel" - It's not like they are trying to attract customers.

Bring back the Matron and some semblence of hierarchy in the wards - too many group hugs and "team discussions" going on.

Margaret M.
08-May-05, 14:20
It does seem that although technology has moved forward the level of care provided is less than it was years ago. If the British hospitals are anything like here, nurses seem to spend more time on the computer than tending to patients' needs. Does anyone know if the NHS charges foreign tourist for medical care provided to them? I know numerous people who got substantial medical care while visiting Britain but were never charged --can't understand why they don't charge since the tourist's health care insurance normally covers the costs.

09-May-05, 12:17
3million lost or un-accounted for, that is nothing just think how the NHS spent Over 6million on an independent report investigating on where they are spending all the money... HELLO!! they should look at money being wasted on useless reports (would probably only cost 12million) :D

09-May-05, 21:25
Does anybody know what percentage of NHS Highlands budget this 3million accounts for?