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20-May-15, 09:58
Chance to learn more about group dedicated to helping heart patients

HAD heart trouble?....maybe you've a friend waiting for an operation or someone who has just had one.
Support is vital in such situations and one of the organisations that plays a part, locally, is Caithness Heart Support Group. The group is holding its AGM at Mackay's Hotel, Wick, tonight (Friday) and would be delighted to welcome you.
While the group does not dispense any medical advice or has any imput into operations, it acts in a supportive role for anyone in those situations. Some of our members have had heart operations and know what first-time patients have gone through.
In addition, the heart support group raises funds for medical equipment for the county's GP practices and Caithness General Hospital, which benefits heart patients. If you would like to find out a little more about the charity, why not come along to its AGM which starts at 7.30pm.
You are not under any obligation to join the group, although new members are always welcome, but you might find its aims thought-provoking.
If you can't make it tonight and would like to know more about Caithness Heart Support Group, you can contact its secretary, Marge Donaldson on Wick 605545 or by e-mail donalm49@btinternet.com