View Full Version : Hillhead Primary from '69 to WHS '72

22-Oct-02, 05:33
My name is Michael Falconer I lived in Wick from '67 to '72 I'm looking to contact anyone who was at these schools at the for mentioned times or at North from '67 to '69. We would have been In Ms. Schtrum's class grade 6 at Hillhead. I hadn't seen or recognised many names on the site. Only one an Alexander Bruce, if I'm not mistaken he would have a brother Sinclair. I f you get this message or anyone else who might care to remember me please contact me

catherine nicol
03-Nov-02, 22:32
Have you gone into the Friends Reunited website and logged your name against the schools you attended. I have gotten back in touch with many old school chums using this site.

05-Nov-02, 07:59
Catherine thanks for the website tip I will try that. My brother Stephen went to hillhead from 70 to 72, I will see if he knows if we have pictures or not. Will be in touch. Was this your name back then or is this your married name, thanks again

catherine nicol
21-Nov-02, 21:50
This was and still is my name.

I went to Hillhead from 70 to 77 then to WHS til 81.

Should I know you and your brother. We lived in Hillhead for years from 69.

Any photos would be appreciated.


22-Nov-02, 07:41
you went to Hillhead same time as my brother. He was there '70 to '72 thats when we left hor Hamilton. I have been looking for pictures, but unsuccessful to this point. Will let you know when I'm successful. You had the same teachers. I was in class 6 & 7. will keep in touch. Michael.