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27-Apr-15, 17:12
162 days term for teen who stamped on policeman's foot

A WICK teenager, who stamped on a policeman's foot, is tonight starting a 162 days term at a detention centre.

Imposing the sentence, today, Sheriff Andrew Berry expressed the hope that Morgan Stubbings, whom he described as having "an unhealthy attitude" towards those in authority, particularly police officers, would turn over a new leaf on his release.

The 17-year-old appeared from custody and admitted assaulting Constable Derek Fraser, and a record, previously described by the sheriff as "a sorry catalogue of offending".

The court, at Wick heard that the incident occurred, after police had occasion to call at Stubbings' then home in Battery Road, Wick, on March 8.
Stubbings, who was subject to two bail orders at the time, was advised he was being detained and while putting his trainers on, he stamped on Constable Derek Fraser's right foot. David Barclay, prosecuting, added that, ironically, there was found to be insufficient evidence concerning the matter for which Stubbings had been arrested.

Sheriff Berry, who observed that the accused's explanation for the assault, was that he had "accidently" stamped on the officer's foot, said that a background report indicated that the accused was considering a fresh start away from Wick, after serving his sentence. The sheriff warned, Stubbings, however, that if he didn't change his attitude towards people trying to help him, he was going to face custodial sentences "over and over again".

Sheriff Berry told the accused, whose home address is now 53 Murchison Street, Wick: "Only you can break the cycle of offending". Stubbings' sentence was backdated to March 9 when he was first remanded. The accused is due to continue unpaid community work imposed in connection with an unrelated offence, after he is released.