View Full Version : warning about a cat

24-Apr-15, 19:50
Please be cearfull theres a cat thats taking chunks out a cats tails in the heathfild
And brown hill road aria if your cat goeses out please be cerfull this cats aredy taken
My cats tail off it had 2 be amputated ..just a warring please be cerfull if you have a
Cat in this aria ...

28-Apr-15, 14:52
Is this a stray cat? It may be in pain or need castrated in which case get in touch with Caithness Cats Protection.

Really sorry to hear about your poor cat :(

28-Apr-15, 16:49
There was a right bully if a cat in area last summer, it was terrorising other cats, mainly because there was a female cat in the area in heat so it was keeping all other cats out if the way, not seen it for a long time though. What does this cat look like as it may be the same one

28-Apr-15, 19:39
its a black one i think i cant say what coulour it is as i didnt see it attaking her but he or she really damaged my poor we cat and ad 2 have most
of her tail off there is a wight and orange one witch is a stray but i dunno if its the one attaking or the black one they seem 2 hang around together