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07-Apr-07, 09:29
Ma Easter Bonnid.
by Jenny S Stewart

Last Sunday bein Easter day an time for fancy gear,
Ah thocht ah'd rake ''straw-basher'' oot, announce at spring wiz here,
In mind a fancy blue affair, a gift fae ma pal Chinnad,
She took id homm fey Aiberdeen an ah looked fair swell in id.

Ah planned a reeg aroond iss hat an thocht ah'd be sensation,
New skirtie bocht an bag an shoes fair filled me wi elation,
Admit ah'm choost conceited cat, ah love till look ma best,
Although ah'm lek e nyuck at times, ah go till town fan dressed.

So, tried id on an swanked 'fore mirror thinkan ''fa's lek me?''
Twistin lek a dowg wi flech ma rear view for till see,
Merched doonstairs till flor 'fore mam, id met wi hur approval,
Anithur teet in gless 'fore contemplatin reeg's removal.

Then Setturday dawned bricht an sunny, rubbed ma hans wi glee,
Ah nivvur noticed getherin clouds a' gangin up on me,
A day-long fou'some shooer o snow, no thochts o gien in,
''Straw Basher'' lyin wrapped in tissue, ready, fit a sin.

Undaunted, found anithur cep an thocht ''ah'll toff iss up,''
Twa roses, button-holl fey weddin lyin in a cup,
A feather brooch in sorry steyt responded till a brush,
Stuck in wi twa bress safety-peenies, end result wiz lush.

So Chenny hed an Easter Bonnid, wan way or anithur,
Although e sicht o a yin snow hed pit her in a dithur,
An better days are comin soon, ah'm sure ah'll get ma chance,
Till sport ma gran blue bonnid at ma special cocky stance.


07-Apr-07, 09:50
Another good one, trinkie, made me smile, thanks for posting it :D

07-Apr-07, 17:46
Hi Trinkie,

That is a dandy poem.
Would you know the date it was written or published?


07-Apr-07, 18:21
Hallo CliffB and Angela,
So glad you enjoyed Jenny's poem.
As to when it was written I would have to guess... the little book has no date but she mentions '' A gradual influx of Southerners seems to be putting paid to our native dialect'' so that would be mid 1950s - 60s .
Jenny goes on to say '' We are waving goodbye, sadly, to a great many of our old words which were unsurpassed in their ability to convey exactly what they meant.'' I agree with her here and feel too that television has a lot to do with our changing language.
SO, it's up to us to keep the wordies going !
The book I have and love, is called Chance a Snifter? Not only does Jenny use our old words, but she allows us to take a peep into the goings on in our society at the time, from Startin' e School and Ma Mam to Jeemy Visits his Accoontant. Each poem a joy.

Thanks Chenny.

08-Apr-07, 00:29
Beautiful trinkie many thanks really enjoyed that one.