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17-Apr-15, 16:43
Drinks driver was asleep at the wheel court told

POLICE were alerted after receiving a report of a woman sitting in her car drinking in Wick town centre.
When officers who arrived on the scene around 10am, on October 12, last year, found Angela Campbell asleep at the wheel. They also discovered two bottle of alcohol in the vehicle.
When roused, Campbell, 47,was helped from the vehicle and was unable to stand without assistance, Wick Sheriff Court heard today.
There was concern for her condition and she was taken to Caithness General Hospital for a check-up.
It was stated that Campbell, of Aultwick, Sinclair Street, Halkirk village, had a drink problem and required assistance. She admitted being in charge of her car while unfit through drink.
Sheriff Andrew Berry made the accused subject to a supervision order for two years and was banned from driving for a year after which she will have to resit her driving test.

Elderly driver surrenders her licence after accident

AN elderly woman drove away from an accident she had caused, as if nothing had happened.
Onlookers formed the view that Hidla Lockey had not appreciated what had happened or had simply been "overhwhelmed" by the incident..
Following discussion with her friends and family, who were said to have regarded the accident as "a wake-up call", the 73-years-old surrendered her driving licence to the DVLA.
Lockey, of 7 Thorkel Road, Thurso, admitted charges of careless driving and colliding with a Vauxhall Corsa, in Smith Terrace, Thurso, on November 2, last year and failing to stop and report the accident..
Sheriff Berry, who saw correspondence from the accused's husband and GP admonished her.