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16-Apr-15, 18:15
Accused had consumed "far too much alcohol" sheriff told

A WICK man said to have been banned from all the pubs in the town was described by a sheriff as typical of the trigger for other domestic cases before the court in which drink and stress had played a part.
The accused, Richard Davidson, 37, admitted having behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting at his then partner, Eilidh McIntosh, at the accused's home at 25 Hill Avenue, Wick, and a record.
The court at Wick today heard that the incident, on January 10th, occurred at the end of the relationship
David Barclay, prosecuting, said that "things became awkward" and it led to Davidson telling Ms McIntosh to leave the house but "went about it the wrong way in robust terms".
Solicitor Fiona MacDonald said that the situation with Davidson trying to get Ms McIntosh to leave his house, had become "tense".
Sheriff Andrew Berry described a background report as making "sorry reading". The case was one of three domestic offences where men had behaved in an inappropariate manner, having been unable to cope with stress and consumed "far too much alcohol".
The sheriff added that this was reflected in the fact that Davidson had been banned from all the pubs in Wick.
He added that was just persuaded, in the interest of "the greater good" to impose a community payback order under which the accused will carry out 150 hours unapid work.
Sheriff Berry expressed the hope that supervision would enable the accused to address his stress issue and his tendencey to "lash out verbally".