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17-Oct-02, 20:36

I'm Rob and looking to move to Caithness or the surrounding area and would appreciate someone (or some people) to chat with about it. I visited the caht room on the Caithness.org site but it was empty. Anyone fancing a chat could email me (robert.kerrigan@talk21.com) to arrange.

Cheers, Rob

17-Oct-02, 22:19
Hello Rob,
You can also check back in chat room any night around 9pm or after. Things tend to be busier then. -Ht

18-Oct-02, 16:08
Hi Rob, welcome to Caithness. You must have been unfortunate when you visited the Chat Room and found it empty, but if you check back some other time, preferrably after 10pm you are sure to find some friendly faces :) You will soon become one of the gang as everyone is so friendly. Hope to see you on there soon.

catherine nicol
22-Oct-02, 20:44
[lol] [lol]

Yes I can vouch for the fact that if you log into the chat room after 10pm any night Jenni and her cronies are usually on it gassing. Sure sis.

23-Oct-02, 23:31

I am usually there and i am not a cronie lol.

We are all fun so come along and join us but wait til next week when the schools are back and the kids are in bed early lol


25-Oct-02, 12:52
Here sis

less o the cronies! I will hev u know that we are a cool bunch of guys and gals shooting the breeze on chat and if there is any more o yer cheek I will personally see to it that you are booted off at first available chance :lol: (only joking, sis, u no me) and for your information I havna been on in over a week. I bet everyone is lonely without me on chat, oh well maybe not!

Stay cool :cool:

25-Oct-02, 15:36
will ye stop your bickering, ye will drive the poor mannie away he will think we are all like this,an we need a few more red blooded males in the chat room at night, ye wimmen can be a bit daunting when ye are in full flow as a few o us hiv the scars till prove it,
an anyway the quiz would never be won if us laddies did not turn up :lol: [lol]

09-Nov-02, 14:05
you know we wimmin would be lost without you mannies.... :evil