View Full Version : Brain freeze

Cedric Farthsbottom III
06-Apr-07, 22:11
The sea is bright blue and the sun is oot
And the ice-cream seller is givin a shoot
"Ice-cream here 50p at a take
For 60p I'll chuck in a flake"

So I bought one,the mannie had selt
But in the bright sunlight it started to melt
So the ice-cream drippin doon on ma hand
All goin to waste drippin onto the sand

So I started to bite into the icy cold cream
Swellings in ma heid they started to scream
Yev ate it to quick,the pain willnae ease
Cos there ain't no cure for Ice-cream brain freeze

08-Apr-07, 18:28
Love it!!!!! I get brain freeze quite often, nothing to do with ice cream..

09-Apr-07, 23:06
Now poor Cedric there sure is a cure for parts that are freezin',
Ye fill up a hottie to stop ye from sneezin'.
Get lots of flanette that is pink.
Now wrap it around like lagging a sink.
Warm woolie stockings will keep ye're feet dry
An if that disna work, well hang 'em up high.
Pluck a few eiders and pack yersel oot wie e down.
Ye'll no feel 'e cald but ye'll look like a clown!