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Donald W MacDonald
06-Apr-07, 19:44
I,use Tiscali as our ISP we have trouble connecting and then broadband disconnects itself after a short period .Is anyone else having this trouble these last few weeks

06-Apr-07, 21:12
I've set up numerous broadband systems and often find that things like random disconnections can be to do with the ADSL filters.

Just out of interest does it disconnect when the phone rings? It could just be either a duff filter or they may just not be setup quite right. Maybe even a Sky box not fitted with one.

Can you describe simply how your telephones & broadband system are setup?

Donald W MacDonald
07-Apr-07, 08:44
Point 1 the computer starts up when phone rings i think this is a fax machine connection but cannot seem to delete it.

Point2The sky box is not fitted with one.

Point3 There are two filters coming out of a double telephone socket one filter connected to phone line and the other one connectede to moben.

Point4 Looking at the double socket is has taken a few knocks i will buy a replacement one this morning.

thanks for getting in touch

07-Apr-07, 17:33
I'd probably recommend the following setup...

Unless the double socket you're talking about is actually a doubler and an extension then what I'd recommend is to plug a filter directly into your socket, put the double socket into the filter and plug your phone and Sky box into the double socket. Then plug your ADSL modem into the ADSL socket on the filter. This will leave you with a filter free.

As far as your doubler being bashed is concerned, if you get a dial tone when you plug a phone into either socket then the doubler is probably fine.

Let me know how you get on.

Donald W MacDonald
08-Apr-07, 18:33
Must have been a filter that was causing the problem not making connection did not do anything
many thanks for the imformation will keep it